IFS Practice Group Experience

Monthly: June 29, July 20, August 17

I am so grateful you are here and that you are interested in deepening your own IFS practice.

There are lots of ways to do this:

  • working with a Certified IFS therapist

  • attending IFS trainings

  • doing individual IFS consultation work

... but I also love the power of small group experiences to help deep awareness, learning, and connection. And one of the many unique aspects of the IFS community is the concept of Self Energy. When you are in a room with people seeking to lead with more courage, compassion, connection, creativity, confidence, calm, clarity, and curiosity (did you catch those 8 C’s??) it is truly a sacred and special space.

You are here because:

  • you want to learn more about IFS

  • you value group learning (though your introverted parts are a bit skeptical)

  • are are ready for a fresh approach to healing, change, trauma, and shame

  • you see IFS as a beautiful support your existing methodologies

  • you deep value investing in your own growth and development both personally and professionally

Join us for this small group experience to reflect, rumble, and develop a new perspective on change, growth, and healing with other like-minded people.

If you:

  • have some very basic knowledge of IFS (read a book, watched a video, experienced IFS)

  • are not in a crisis right now

  • want to learn more how to map your inner influences

  • want to learn a new approach to respond to emotion and integrate it into your existing tools of change

  • want to navigate inner tensions differently in yourself and those around you

  • want to feel less drained after work

  • navigate your thinking/intellectual/helping/fit parts of you differently

  • want to grow in your practice of IFS

...then this may just be the summer self-care and professional development boost you need!

Note: This is not the best experience for you and your system if you are looking for a deeper group therapy experience to specifically process trauma and difficult life experiences, are in a crisis, or are seeking more individualized support with your IFS practice. Questions about whether this is a good fit for you, email rebecca@potentiatherapy.com.

Here are the summer monthly dates and times:

  • Saturdays, 12-2PM
  • June 29th, July 21, August 17

* Each group is $100 per/person.

* Buy all three for $275 (payment plan options available).

* Tea, water and light refreshments offered.

Location: 3160 Camino del Rio Suite #310 (not 304) San Diego, CA 92106

Cancellation Policy: No refunds but credit will be applied for future IFS Practice Groups.

Sign up today for our IFS Practice Group Experience!

Please choose one of the two payment options below:

Option 1:

Attend a single workshop for $100/person. 

Option 2:

Attend all three workshops for $275. If you require a payment plan, please email rebecca@potentiatherapy.com

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