Rooted in Motherhood

A Workshop for New Moms Facilitated by Holly Kelley, LMFT Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. *Coming Again Soon!*

From your workshop host, Holly Kelley:

In my discussion with moms of young kids and what I see covering social media, there is an idea that there is a best way to be a particular type of mom (whether they stay at home, work outside the home, or work at home) and that self-care looks like pedicures and a bath… I want to create a safe and brave space for women to experience themselves as worthy in what they’re already doing and discover how to care for themselves in a way that is truly nurturing to them. 

My goal is for moms to experience their journey in early motherhood as uniquely their own and find freedom as they develop their particular style and rhythm as a mom over time. 

"We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to."

— Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW

Why we created this workshop:

  • To help new moms (first time and those who have a 2 year old an under with older siblings) engage in a community of other new moms who don't 'have it all together'

  • Feel a sense of ownership over your story into the transition of motherhood

  • Identify what helps you feel confident as a mom in this current season

  • Combat comparison and scarcity that there is some best way to be a mom and cultivate a common humanity amongst other moms navigating their own unique fears and concerns and joys.

Rooted in Motherhood is for:

  • Moms with little(s) under 2yrs
  • Moms who are looking for community
  • Moms who feel like they’re not enjoying motherhood the way they should or expected to

This workshop is not for you if you feel like you’ve got it all together and know all the answers. Here we will take off some of the protective armor and dispel the myths of curated social feeds.

What to expect in this workshop:

  • Get to know your facilitator, Holly Kelley, LMFT, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Group introductions

  • Exploring the reproductive timeline and unpacking myths and meanings in this often missed information

  • Identify areas/situations where you feel stuck and are struggle

  • Building common humanity in motherhood
  • Explore what it feels like to be at peace and feel confident in a turbulent world

  • Gratitude practices

  • Deepening connection + community

  • Respect + value no matter what is going on in your life
While we’d love for you to create some space for yourself, we understand that finding childcare for your new baby can bring its own challenges, so babies in arms/carriers are welcome.
To those not available during traditional business and weekday hours, if you are interested in a Saturday offering of this workshop, please click here so we can gage interest.

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When: Coming again soon! Please check back for more details or enter in your email address to receive updates as they become available.

Where: Potentia Family Therapy, Inc (Suite 310)

Cost: $50 (snacks, tea and water will be provided)

This will be an intimate group setting with maximum 20 people attending.

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